Area DOC and DOCG

Map: The Prosecco production area is located in northeastern Italy, and extends in the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. The main towns of the area are Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, the historic centers of production of Prosecco. The area is divided into two macro-concentric zones: the historic, hilly area, which represents the heart of the Prosecco, called Docg, and the area that surrounds it, more extensive, mainly lowland, called Doc.

Area Doc Docg Prosecco
Piramide Prosecco

Doc and Docg: the two areas have several points of differentiation. Among the principals, one is certainly the history, since the Docg Prosecco represents the point of birth, then also developed outside of it, in the area that today takes the name of Doc. One other distinction is the extension. In 2015, in fact, the Docg had about 7,000 hectares of vines in 15 municipalities of the Veneto region, while the Doc about 20,000 hectares in over 600 municipalities, divided between Veneto and Friuli. Thus, the Doc are is approximately three times the Docg in terms of hectares of vineyards, but it's much bigger considering the total area. Among the main differences there is also the slope of the land, almost exclusively hilly in the Docg, and mostly flat in the Doc. This also allows a different yield between the two areas (135 quintals / hectare in the Docg and 180 quintals / hectare in Doc ) resulting in a different quality of production.

Le Rive and Cartizze: within the Docg area, there are some areas called “cru”, where there is the highest product quality, thanks to the special combination of climate and soil. One of these areas is the Cartizze area, consisting of a hill on the side of Valdobbiadene, which covers 106 hectares in total, where the altitude of the vineyards is the highest (up to 500-600 mt s.l.m.). In addition to this area, which is the most historic “cru” of the Docg, there are 43 micro-zones called "Rive", distributed one in each municipality, where the hillside slope, the micro climate and the "terroir", give a unique touch to the final product, which represents the maximum expression of Prosecco.