The Prosecco

The vine: the grapes used in the production of Doc and Docg Prosecco, come from Glera, native vine in the northeastern part of Italy. The Glera is a white grape variety, with large, long clusters and golden yellow berries.

Rese Prosecco

The yield: the production destined to make Prosecco depends on the area where it is grown. In the Docg area, the maximum yield is 135 quintals/hectare, whereas in the Doc the maximum quantity is 180 quintals/hectare.

Types: there are three types of Prosecco: sparkling, fizzy, and still, divided by the pressure in the wine. The best known and most popular is the sparkling version, with a fine and persistent perlage. The fizzy, having less pressure, has less intense, more mild bubbles. Finally the still, which is a less-known, niche version, in which there are no bubbles because of the total absence of CO2 in the liquid.

Tipologie di Prosecco
Gradi Succherini Prosecco

Sugar residual: based on the final quantity of sugar into the wine, expressed in grams/liter, the sparkling version can be categorized, in order from low to high content of sugar, as brut, extra dry, dry, and demi-sec.